Friday, May 26, 2006

The Bocce Battle of Brooklyn

The former champions, the Coffee Flat Terrors, have challenged Mayor Ed Boch to the bocce battle of Brooklyn. Of course, this did not occur the old fashion way -- via a bar argument or street talking trash... they challenged us by making a posting on their blog. Perhaps they get dates this way too...

Stay tuned for when the game will be held.

Monday, May 15, 2006

And the Winner Is...

Okay, so we didn't take first place...
but hey, we did win an award!

The Brooklyn Bocce Finals for the Winter Season were last night and the winner was everyone's favorite intestinal strain: Boccelism. However, more exciting than that is when the final game was over, several awards were given out and our beloved team was the recipient of one such award. We won "Best Team Name." We won this sweet trophy. You can admire it at Hoss' house or via this blog. By the way, Hoss recommends putting this prestigious honor on your resume.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Bocce Playoffs: Sitting in for Vince Scully...

The only thing more intense than a bocce playoff game at Floyd’s would be the Soprano’s battling the Corleone family over bocce, booze and women.

We played my old team, Notorious BRF. Sure, they beat us early in the year but they "borrowed" our best player (Seth) to do so.

This time we had Hoss, Seth, Kristin, Maria (cheering) and a secret weapon. Coming off the bench and new to Mayor Ed Boch was "Thad Calabrese." Actually, it was Mario, who played under an alias. The guy owns a custom bocce ball set and has a better back spin than Minnesota Fats.

While we won the coin toss and the rights to the green balls, they won the first set 7 to 5. The second set went fast and before we could yell a Red Barber "rhubarb" over all the measurements, they took a 5 to 1 lead. We fought back but lost the set and match.

The only good thing about losing to a bunch of pretty, Ivy League educated women, is that Hoss and I got to kiss them all good luck for the next round against No Brooklyn Posers.

This reporter will be away but the Keith Jackson of bocce will cover the finals. Stay tuned to this blog for more.

P.S. Thanks go out to Hoss and Ben for creating the best bocce t-shirts ever made!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Champs Create a Blog!

The champs from last year, The Coffee Flat Terrors, also have a blog now...

copy cats!

You can read their boring blog at:

All of Mayor Ed Boch agrees... these are the nice folks that you could ever get beat by!

The April 25th Match

Brooklyn bocce matches are always intense, and typically very competitve. This one was no different. Yet sometimes, it's the story behind the game where the intrigue lies.

Our match vs first place Boccelism was more delayed than a tenth month pregnancy. My former team, BRF, challenged the second place Sweet Meats beforehand in a game that lasted two hours. BRF lost and also took down several Mayor Ed Boch team members: Maria (due to tiredness), Matt (due to curry digestion issues) and Seth (well, law school exams are around the corner). Luckily, Tom and Jackie - the soon-to-be-married couple from Sweet Meats, joined The Hoss Brothers (Ian and Ben) and me in our attempt to beat the illness out of Boccelism.

With that as a backdrop, you only need to know this... The Hoss Brothers were in rare form... As were Tom and Jackie; however, Boccelism - which has a special zen master named Izra - defeated us barely (7 to 5, 7 to 6).

Next time, it's the playoffs. We are in third place and solid. Also, keep in mind, all playoff games are on the weekend... Making it easier for our NJ and upper Manhattan teammates.

The April 4th Match...

Cue up the theme song to Clint Eastwood's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly movie...

The Good. We first played the Road House Jacks and had our best Non-Seth win.. Hoss and his side kick for the evening, Kristin, were smokin' from the begining and scored a quick 4. Matt and I held them and we took the first game of the set. The second game was more competitve as the Jacks stopped starring at Kristin's boots and started making shots. Nevertheless, Matt and I wrapped up the game by shooting more accurately than Cheney. Our opponents left sour and upset. Oh well.

The Bad. In between the two games, Matt got a wee bit sick from bad blackberries. Egads. Thank goodness he recovered to play again.

The Ugly. Our final game of the night was against Sweet Meat. Rumor has it that they are cannibals. Truth be told, these kids are vegetarians who appreciate irony. They also have a player who looks evil and plays like the Michael Jordan of bocce (who isn't as good as the Tiger Woods of bocce). Evil Jordan and his teammates killed us in the first part of the set 7 to 0. Matt, btw, played well despite suffering. The last part of the set was much closer but we lost to a very good team.

If we play Sweet Meat in the playoffs, we will need Thad, Seth, a healthy Matt, Hoss and Kristin to win. These dudes are good.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The March 26th Game...

If Howard Cosell could have covered one bocce ball game, this was probably the one. Think Ali versus Frazier (any of the three bouts)...

The first game was won by Mayor Ed Boch as Seth twice got us 3 points for the rarely seen in bocce ball... A double hat trick in one game. We won that game 7 to 4.

They won the second game 7 to 2 but it was far closer than the score reflects.

The third game - which probably lasted 45 minutes and as long as the previous two combined - was a battle of wills. We scored two points early but they came back with three. After that it became a game not of inches but centimeters. No team scored more than 1 point again. Kristin worked her magic while fighting off a hang over. Hoss made numerous well placed bank shots that wowed all. Yet their team (No Brooklyn Posers) played dirty bocce all afternoon by knocking out our balls and turning short games into long games when only one shot was left. They won the final game 7 to 6 but we played valiantly.

Mayor Ed Boch plays next on Monday, April 2nd. Rumor has it that local tv will cover the game...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Mayor Ed Boch

So that you don't think we are bias in anyway...

we admit that this blog was the creation of team members from Mayor Ed Boch; currently in third place in the league hosted by our friends at Floyd's.

Welcome to the The Brookyn Bocce Ball Bulletin

Since neither the Daily News nor the New York Post cover the intense bocce ball games at Floyd's in Brooklyn, we thought, heck, we can do that until they finally realize that this is the latest and greatest new sport. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, we will also note (somewhat objectively) that it's more compelling than poker, curling, or any other extreme sport you can imagine. We have no doubt that ESPN will be covering these matches soon. Until then, stay tuned to The Brooklyn Bocce Ball Bulletin.

One other note, we plan on "hiring" numerous volunteer stringers and will categorize their stories so that you can keep up with the Vince Scully, Red Barber, Howard Costello and more of bocce.